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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, January 12, 2002 at 12:21 AM GMT
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Subject: good points by Garry


Why shouldn't people be allowed to complain about Ford Motors?

People used to fight for freedom of speech.

If the complaints are lies, then Ford can take legal action.

Whether the complaints are published on or the fact remains, we have the right to express that complaint, and Ford has the right to contest it.

The "trademarking" of domain names (and particularly of generic names belonging to everyone's language) has the potential to restrict large areas of the Internet address system to vested interests and big business.

And even if you uphold the interests of business over everyone else, it has become clear that thousands of names are Trademarked by different businesses in different countries all over the world - so the system seems deeply-flawed. What gives ONE business the right to squat on a name, at the expense of the other businesses?

And when it comes to generics, what gives ANY business the right to squat on a name, which is in the common usage of all people, who ALL have legitimate interests in... prisoners, cancer, orphans, railways (in every country!), recipes, childcare, etc etc

What incredible ARROGANCE to think that anyone has a prior right over everyday words like these - and what a travesty, when you consider how well all these sites could be used for humanity, instead of being "trademarked" by one business out of hundreds, in one country out of hundreds.       


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