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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, January 12, 2002 at 1:40 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: You wish to muffle peoples voice


Which makes my point better - or

You say, "Big business isn't abusing the DNS."

In a new TLD that is open to EVERYBODY; How come they get first choice - before people - in a 'Sunrise Period' then?

How come they can take common words from people in UDRP then?

Fact: domain names were not designed to be trademarks - ask Paul Mockapetris, creator of Domain Name System.

He was asked, what do you wish you had invented? His reply, "A directory system for the Internet that wouldn’t be controlled by the politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats."

You lack intelligence - by giving trademarks absolute power of words, you do not understand even a bit of what is being done to peoples rights.

I would go further, but am trying to be polite.

Incidentally, it is not 'my system' as such.

It is just the self-evident logical solution to the problem.

It is obvious that the authorities must have known it from the start of DNS.


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