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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sun, January 13, 2002 at 10:27 PM GMT
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Subject: The economics are very good - if they do it right


> having restricted TLDs would be a "good" thing.

Agree 100 percent - new 'open' TLDs should be issued also.

> The bad...Speculators hate this idea of "restricted TLDs" because of the ones that have been approved to date "sound bad" and because you need to be in that industry to get one....So if you hear someone say that a TLD sounds bad, more than likely they are speculators.

I am investor in generic domains; Not only do I believe it good idea - but absolutely essential to the proper management of the Internet.

You may say that I do not have good business sense.

"sound bad" is mostly subjective remark - I think .web sounds better for general TLD than .net - don't you?

But, wouldn't most people objectively say .music sounds better than .musicalandrecordingindustry?

> there will be a lot of costs in implementing a rollout/advertising/TM checking, etc, etc....

A multiple TLD registry can return more profits than single registry. The TM checking is either simple matter of checking online or contacting countries Trademark Office to verify details match faxed certificate.

WIPO could easily help them out here - like they should have done in the bull* propaganda Sunrise Period ;-)

> If you roll-out dot travel....There are so many different type of travel related businesses, or information centers.  Where do you draw the line???

The types of business are currently defined by trademark classifications and sub-classes.

>  Who does the policing??  ICANN shouldn't be the heavy here...However if the industry can't police itself SOMEONE has to.

Perhaps as parts of terms and conditions, the registrar could - a dollar extra would easily pay for a couple of checks a year.

> ICANN will have to definitely have identify the "open" from the "restricted" if they head down this path...Will dot org, and dot net go back to being "restricted...etc  My guess is dot org will go back to being restricted...and dot net will remain "open".

Are you really serious? Open means 'open' to everybody.

It has already been answered about .orgs - no change. People should not be chucked out of their 'homes', just because ICANN (and predecessor) have taken a decade to get new TLDs - protecting their friends in big business.

It is obvious that non-profits organizations and registered charities should have new restricted TLD. Donations will be less likely to go to con-men.


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