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Username: erikdw
Date/Time: Mon, January 14, 2002 at 8:07 PM GMT
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Subject: But challenging is very easy!


Quoting from their rules:

There shall, without exclusion, be a sufficient demonstration of an abusive registration if the registrant is not a natural person and cannot demonstrate that they registered the domain name with the agreement at the time of a specific natural person, and that the domain name was a reasonably faithful representation of that person's legal name.

So if you are not (representing) a person with that very name, you loose your registration to any challenger. Not that this seems to stop people:

FUCK.ME.UK Registered For: Lewis Peckover
SUCK.ME.UK Registered For: Tony Sellen
BLOW.ME.UK Registered For: Melanie Ferris
BUSINESS.ME.UK Registered For: haosir
MICROSOFT.ME.UK Registered For: James F Bueno
WINDOWS.ME.UK Registered For: Adrian Kenanrd
LINUX.ME.UK Registered For: Definite Software Ltd

But then again you could still have a go at DRUGS.ME.UK or FIRE.ME.UK  Or how about QUEEN.ME.UK or THATCHER.ME.UK ?


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