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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Tue, January 15, 2002 at 4:27 PM GMT
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Subject: MASSIVE GREY AREA in the rules - according to Nominet



If you have scoured the Nominet rules, you may have stumbled upon a point of confusion. Firstly the rules state:
"Any entity may register in the SLD provided the registration complies with the Nominet UK terms and conditions, the Rules and the rules for the SLD, in each case as amended from time to time."

...but then they go on to state:

"There shall, without exclusion, be a sufficient demonstration of an abusive registration if the registrant is not a natural person and cannot demonstrate that they registered the domain name with the agreement at the time of a specific natural person, and that the domain name was a reasonably faithful representation of that person's legal name."

Intrigued by the apparent contradiction in the rules about whether it is necessary for an applicant to be a "natural person", and having noted the large percentage of registrations by companies, I took it upon myself to phone Nominet this afternoon and asked them to clarify the rules.

They claim at the end of the day any entity including companies are allowed to register names.

The rules *intend* that the domains are used by individuals, although by their own self admission, Nominet say this is just a guideline, not an enforced rule. Hence it has little meaning at the registering level.

People can however make a complaint if their name is taken by a company. Each complaint is looked into on an individual basis and weighs up the rights of the two parties. Um and it costs 750. So basically there is a huge grey area here.

However at least they didn't arse around with a Sunrise period - many individuals have got generics, but then it would be a bit stupid having a Sunrise period for a name intended for natural people.

About the names apparently squatted by Nominet - these are names which more than one applicant applied for in the beginning and it was unclear which applicant was first. They are to be issued to one of the applicants imminently, and are therefore not available.


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