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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Wed, January 16, 2002 at 11:33 PM GMT
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Subject: Logic


Easy> Maybe you're right... but these TM guys will always find a way: e.g. selling or leasing to a subsidiary.

G> They would lose their trademark.

G> The mark is for the goods and services of the owner only - it would be abuse of mark to use it for different types of goods or services.

Easy> Selling does not mean that you would lose the TM 'finance'.

Easy> Could you please show me some references in Afilias' policy which says that a subsequent registrant of a sunrise domain requires a trademark.

I would say, based on past performance, Afilias policy is only good for toilet paper.

Trademark owner of the word 'finance' could not use it for finance - but could for anything else e.g. selling socks.

I was refering to the fact that the Sunrise period was for trademark registrant to protect their mark.

If they later sell it - then they could be deemed to no longer be protecting their mark.

They legally have to protect their mark - If they do not, they lose the right to it - ask any lawyer.

They would presumably only sell Sunrise domain when they transfer trademark to new owner.

Which is why Sunrise domains cannot show product or service that they state.

Which is another reason why Sunrise is all a load of bull*.


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