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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Thu, January 17, 2002 at 10:45 AM GMT
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Subject: Are you having a nervous breakdown or do you commit professional suicide regularly?


Lars: First off I'd like to say that we registered less than 300 domain names in sunrise. 

Rach: Yes, and most of those were fakes.

Lars: Our names were not masked, nor did they display phantom information.

Rach: No, they displayed FAKE information. You applied with invented Trademark numbers you hadn't got!

Lars: We speculate VeriSign entered phantom information to buy names for aftermarket sale.

Rach: So you're accusing Verisign of cheating? Will you stand up in court and say that? And even if they DID, you're telling us that somehow, YOU didn't cheat? *collapses in laughter*

Lars: Now lets look at SpyProductions.  We took what we thought was the high road. 

Rach: Yeah right... "the high road" ... putting in fraudulent data so your customers can get the names before people who apply fairly... Has ICANN got any intentions of acting against your company (or Verisign etc) for ... um... cheating???

Lars: In an effort to be a hero to small registrant applicants, we are being depicted by people as the bad guy.

Rach: Honey, life's so unfair. I'm sorry. You stop me or some other sucker from getting the name we pre-registered. You cheat the system. You fake the data. And I don't kiss your feet and call you "my hero"... I'm sorry... I'm so ungrateful for letting you cheat me!

Lars: is NOT the bad guy. 

Rach: Frankly, I don't give a shit. I'm worried about the pre-registrants who have been robbed by cheats. You cheated. You lied. and you say you're not the "bad guy". When so many people have been robbed of so much money, I don't really care. Poor little you.

Lars: We don't dispute that wrong is wrong.  However we are NOT the Internet police, we are a registrar.

Rach: *squeals with hysteria* Oh yes! I forgot! You're a registrar. That means you can do wrong and get away with it!!! And no, you're NOT the Internet police! There IS NO Internet police, because ICANN lets registrars cheat and lie, and couldn't care whether the customer is protected or not. I forgot... in this industry, you do what you want... "WE ARE A REGISTRAR" ... that makes it OK to cheat the consumer

Lars: If a customer did not have a valid TM, we supplied default data

Rach: So you admit you consciously provided fake information... um ... Vint Cerf... hello... come in please... you're happy to preside over this crap?... "we supplied default data" = "we put in fake invented TM numbers which looked as if they were real, so the system could be cheated, and the rules broken. "Default data"? Ha!!! "Fake Trademark numbers". You, as a registrar, admit you put in false information and said your names had something they didn't have. You even did it with the names you applied for for yourself in your own name (see elsewhere in this thread... and

Lars: Yes there are speculators.  We did not cater to them. 

Rach: What about Patrick Nobriga and all his porno names? He wasn't a speculator? You thought he had all the TMs but couldn't quite find them handy, so you put in fake Trademark numbers for him. I'm breathless that you can admit this!!!!

Lars: What has happened over the last six months is sad.  However we did what no other registrar did.  We explained the process to our customers. 

Rach: Actually UKReg more or less explained the same sort of thing to theirs, but we won't go into a quarrel about who's best... um... have you ever thought of saying "SORRY" to all the people who were cheated out of their money, instead of feeling sorry for yourself. One guy lost $50,000. Overall, people were robbed of $millions. You taught your customers how to cheat. Whoooooo! Good for you!!!

Lars: We did not steal money, we have been open.

Rach: Yeah, very open. Trying to cover fake applications by putting in fake Trademark numbers for your customers. How honest!

Lars: It should be clear we have demonstrated a will to do the right thing

Rach: Thanks. I thank you for your deception and lies. Once again, I thank you for cheating me. "You did the right thing."

*puking into a bucket*

Have a nice day.


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