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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Thu, January 17, 2002 at 11:08 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: YOU put in the FAKE trademarks, Lars


Lars, I wrote to you in September and said I thought you had put in the FAKE trademark numbers yourself in the 177 names I had listed which SpyProductions had sponsored.

In the light of your "default data" comments, which admit you put the TM numbers in yourself, I now feel you lied to me, when you e-mailed me on September 6th:

"We did not add names to the queue, customers did.  We could not police them. The system doesn't work that way. If a user puts in a TM and date, we can't verify each and every one. From this point, we are innocent."

You also know that you have sent me six more e-mails with much more candid admissions which you asked me not to reproduce. I just feel you lied to me; you cheated in the Sunrise; you broke the rules for the benefit of your business but at the expense of many other people.

I have NOT reproduced the detail of your own admissions, but I now feel deceived, and I can only say in your defence that you have shown some courage and also that there are bigger and more powerful people with questions to answer.

You got caught up in an industry that is corrupt. If I was you I would get out because it stinks. You have a precious family. You have your own valuable character attributes. But look what it has reduced you to. Lying, cheating.

Its far far bigger than you. The system invites corruption. It is virtually unpoliced. Almost anything goes. (Some) Registrars and registries operate in a culture of corruption, seemingly without accountability. The US DoC knows what happens but allows it to carry on. Fred Upton of the Subcommittee for Telecommunications and the Internet has presided over it all and has much to answer for.

Lars, most of your users did NOT put in the Trademark details. YOU did.

You told me it was them. (I suppose you were just defending your position.)

But YOU put in the FAKE Trademark numbers.

And they all begin with the same numbers, whether they are the ones you got registered for yourself - like - or for your customers.

YOU put in the FAKE Trademark numbers, Lars.

" If a user puts in a TM and date, we can't verify each and every one. From this point, we are innocent."

No, Lars.    


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