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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, January 18, 2002 at 10:27 AM GMT
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Subject: Roland LaPlante - please come to the forum to explain what


logic or evidence you are using to support your quote below that IP rights were protected in the Afilias Ltd. .info launch.

   "Our Sunrise Process was designed to enable trademark holders to protect their intellectual property during the launch of the .INFO domain," said Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias."

Please defend the ICANN and Afilias "after the event" IP protection policy that produced 10,000 instances of cybersquatting.

Roland, we are used to your spin doctoring, but I and many others would love to know how you arrive at the conclusion that ICANN and Afilias provided protection to anyone other than yourselves and the registrars who joined you in scamming bonafide Sunrise applicants and Landrush applicants.

When you join us at the forum, you might like to confirm to the Landrushers that your/Afilias's "equitable return of the challenged names to the public" will give standing to those of us who spent so much money on Landrush preregistrations for names which your company Afilias Ltd. processed despite the ample evidence - 10,000 instances - that TM data was absent or fraudulent.

Roland, please don't confirm what all of us currently think of you and your company by advising the forum that Afilias plans to sell chances to register the challenged names for the THIRD TIME - once to the original Landrushers - twice to the Sunrisers - thrice to the second Landrushers.

I believe that the Internet community represented by this forum's posters would agree that Afilias asking the original Landrushers to pay again for a chance to register names for which they have already paid dearly would really take the cake and put you and Afilias in a class of your own in regard to Internet scams.

I think if you have any shread of honesty or decency Roland you will respond and provide answers to my post.

Best regards Roland - we look forward to your response.

John Byth



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