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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sat, January 19, 2002 at 10:43 PM GMT
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Subject: you've got balls Lars - but apparently not very big ones


You came to the forum Lars a fews days ago with your rationale for your/SpyProductions'conduct in the lead up to the Afilias fiasco of the .info launch.

You stirred up the forum and I responded with a Landrusher's point of view on what your/SpyProductions'action had had on Landrushers and their credit cards.

I concluded my post with some questions for you.  You have yet to respond so I have repeated my post.  I continue to look forward to your return to the forum with your answers.

   Message: you've got balls Lars - I will give you that - and you may
once have been an honest man and even a hero to the little guy, but you apparently found yourself involved in the corrupt culture presided over by Lynn and Cerf which permits registrars to do pretty much what they like without fear of censure or penalty.  Very few registrars it appears conducted their business during the .info launch in a way which would be considered by the general public to be ethical and moral.

The bottom line of the Afilias .info launch is that the Landrush applicants paid money for nothing.  The registrars and the registry benefited from processing 10,000 ineligible Sunrise applications as ICANN had approved an "after the event" IP protection policy, despite
ICANN's and Afilias's supposed awareness of the strong likelihood that the launch of the new TLD would produce instances of cybersquatting.

The reason that I and others at this forum have been kicking SpyProductions is that you came out and recommended that as the .info launch process was badly flawed, in order to get good names, we should fake TM data and attempt to cybersquat. You told us that the ICANN and Afilias system made cybersquatting easy.

The cybersquatting that was facilitated by the "after the event" IP protection policy in place - how lame - for which Lynn and Cerf must bear responsibility - cost the Landrushers millions.  And the cartel of registrars which make up Afilias says they won't get involved in
disputes between applicants and the relevant registrars.

You can't have been reading this forum for long Lars, as I and many others have been proposing "solutions" for six months - but no one who could have made a difference appears to be listening - giving weight to the notion that the Afilias cartel and any other damn registrar can do whatever they like to their customers and their customers' credit

I have been proposing that the conduct of registries and registrars will only change once those currently responsible for the apparently corrupt culture of the DNS administration are removed.  I don't see how the little guys stand a chance while the big guys control the system in the manner they do at the moment.

And what of the millions paid by the Landrushers?

Six months after the event, what do the Landrushers have to show for their hope that the .info launch was going to be a straight game?

They have got credit card debt - that's what.

Come back Lars and tell the forum about our refunds for the Landrush names for which we paid our preregistration.

Come back to the forum Lars and tell us about the standing that the Landrushers will have when the challenged names are made available to the public in an "equitable" manner.

Come back to the forum Lars and tell us how you are going to work from within the currently corrupt DNS administration and retailer system to make it a safe place for the little guy.  Tell us what you are going to do to bring some credibility to ICANN and establish the Internet community's trust in registrars.

Looking forward to your response.

Good Luck



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