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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sun, January 20, 2002 at 10:54 AM GMT
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Subject: and if one reads the Afilias Ltd. .info registry bid document


as I know you have Richard - you could actually believe that ICANN and Afilias were fully aware of the potential for TM frauds and cybersquatting in the .info Sunrise - and that the ICANN/Afilias Registry Agreement signed after the awarding of the .info registry to Afilias would contain the IP safeguards that Afilias detailed in the bid document.

However, for reasons best known to the likes of Stuart Lynn, Vint Cerf and Hal Lubsen - the IP protection safeguards of the Afilias bid document didn't make it into the Registry Agreement. 

We know the result, for which Stuart and Vint and Hal must take full responsibility - 10,000 instances of the registry Afilias registering ineligible Sunrise applications - 10,000 instances of the registry Afilias and its registrars taking five year registration fees - and 10,000 instances of a name being being removed from the Landrush lottery.

Thank heaven that not one Landrusher had spent good money on any one of the 10,000 names removed from the Landrush lottery - for Afilias, being a respected and ethical and accountable company, would then have been obligated to return the 10,000 names to the Landrushers without additional costs to them, or have ensured their registrars provided full refunds of preregistration fees.


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