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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, January 20, 2002 at 1:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Why Fred Upton at DoC will have to face the music


What is very disappointing and disturbing is that the Chairman of the DoC Subcommittee with oversight of ICANN - Fred Upton - has failed to explain why he has been willing to preside over ICANN's laissez-faire attitude to Registry and Registrar abuse.

ICANN is NOT autonomous (though it is US policy to make it as detached as possible while still retaining final control with the US government - thereby distancing DoC from the corruption that results from its policy of throwing the DNS administration to the wolves of private self-interest companies).

What has Fred Upton and his Committee got to say about the clearly documented abuses that have taken place in the .info roll-out?

Because, Fred Upton, it's all going to come out in the wash at pretty soon - and your friends, relatives and the entire US government and media will be able to read for themselves how you - a supposedly respectable politician - have allowed ICANN a free hand to let these corruptions take place.

In the end, the administration of the root-servers and the control of the DNS system should be in the hands of the international community, should be fully transparent, should be responsive to public opinion, and - above all - should protect the consumer.

Fred Upton is presiding over a system which abandons the consumer in favour of insider decisions, conflicts of interests, private profit, and an industry watchdog - ICANN - which protects its own and is permeated with the very people who it is meant to police.

Fred Upton is the man who has much to answer.

Let him answer, when his friends and the political establishment can read the clear objective documents and evidence set before them.

As far as I know, Fred Upton has done NOTHING about this fraud, the defrauding of millions of dollars from consumers; and the profit made by insider registrars; and the breaking of the Afilias rules by Afilias executives and Directors.

Fred Upton has done NOTHING and said NOTHING, as far as I have seen. He appears interested in politics and his career, rather than the people his committee is supposed to serve.

So I feel it should all be documented on very soon. (And also, of course, on

The Internet community can use the Internet to challenge those who allow it to be administered corruptly. The Internet belongs to everyone - not just to a handful of politicians.       


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