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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Sun, January 20, 2002 at 8:26 PM GMT
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Subject: The premeditated CORRUPTION of the US Government


Like all governments the US government is CORRUPT and DECEITFUL. Anyone who has looked into the psychology of your average politician will tell you that these people are power-hungry and their desire for power and status is more important to them than the work that their job involves.

Just like the apalling deceit of the UK government and the spin and lies they propagate, the US government is equally GUILTY OF LYING and using the media to HYPNOTISE THE PUBLIC into believing their LIES. The only difference I can see is that Americans seem to be more patriotic, wanting to believe that their country is a great country and their leaders can only be great. Well although I have repect for the American public, I am under to illusions about the disgraceful level of corruption in their government.

Unfortunately the stark bare-faced reality is that the US government plays on this a lot, buttering up the American people when really they have their own agenda, abusing the positions they have been elected into. Propagating the the American dream and speaking of freedom, lowering taxes and telling the people what they want to hear, they enslave the people in this myth, while behind the veils of national pride and values, they are systematically executing the real plans of their hidden agendas, with no concern for morality or right and wrong.

If you are an American reading this, you may take offence. But then you would be falling into the confidence trick your government is playing on you, that you are all one big happy family and they are looking after your interests. But they are only interested in themselves and they spend considerable effort thinking about what to tell you. It's exactly the same in the UK, our government is crammed full of LYING BULLYING POWER-MAD SHITS, except the sense of patriotism is less here as people have grown tired of being lied to, and our national pride somewhat eroded by the undefined national identity in the modern multicultural United Kingdom.

But because of the US government's culture of corruption I can see clearly that they have no intention of releasing their grip on ICANN. ICANN's formation was clearly due to those corrupt poeple in the US government thinking forward. They knew that the world would ask why the US government controls the Internet root.

So they formed a bogus puppet organisation and hid in the background pulling the strings. ICANN must have been told not to say a damn thing. And this is also why Fred Upton, Don 'Little Twat' Evans and all the other corrupt assholes keep a vow of silence. They are supposed to be serving the public, but even Americans cannot get any answers out of them about all the corruption that has been unmasked in this forum. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS.

But this ICANN red herring gives them a grip on the world, the very same grip as the US government's World Policeman act. They don't give a shit about anyone in this forum or anything anyone is saying. They never reply in forum or via email. It is all bullshit, another confidence trick.

I wouldn't wait around hoping for things to get better. There is a HIDDEN AGENDA going on here, and any customer complaints versed in this forum are not relevant to it. The only thing these bastards listen to is DIRECT ACTION.


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