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Date/Time: Sun, January 20, 2002 at 11:40 PM GMT
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Subject: No we won't refund, sticks and stones...


                Lets try this...You open a 'stand in line for tickets' business.  I pay you to stand in line at the box office for Star Wars tickets.  You stand in line until May.  The box office opens and says, sorry.  But ticket master sold all the tickets in advance. Not tickets available at the window.

Now you feel bad.  But you did what you said you would do.  You stood in line waiting for months to buy tickets.

But then I go and spew all over the Internet that you "sucked money out of me" like you intended to do that all along.  Only you can police your statements for accuracy.  At least make an attempt to post responsibly, otherwise nothing good came come of our conversation. 

Now lets return to the point.  Our customers were informed.  They had the option of how they wanted to go.  No tricks.  They got straight and honest talk. 

You can try to vilify us as one of those companies here today and gone tomorrow, taking pre-reg fees.  We have been around since 1999 registering domains.  We are here now. 

It is easy to sling mud. Try having a settled conversation or others are only going to look at you as a whiner.

SpyProductions did the right thing.  We learned the system, we informed our customers and they decided to participate in sunrise and landrush according to their own personal needs and desires. 

It's funny, our customers are not complaining.  You are.  Think about that.  Our customers are NOT pissed at us.

Lars Hindsley



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