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Date/Time: Mon, January 21, 2002 at 12:18 AM GMT
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Subject: The reply you've been waiting for


                        Sorry for the delay gents.  I just returned today to find a slew of arguments for and against my small company.  I'm trying to answer as many as I can but I won't do this for long. :)

I think the first thing I'd like to address is that SpyProductions did not encourage people to do the wrong thing.  And I can't emphasis enough that WE can not be the Internet police.  Lets assume you ran a company looking to expand into a new market.  Of course you would make every attempt to chart the course before you ventured into this entirely foreign territory.  But you can't know everything.  And sooner or later you have to make DECISIONS.  Remember there was no guide book to this process. Especially for a reseller registrar.  I don't know a member of ICANN, I've never spoken to one and I'm just as amazed as you are that so little is done to fix things.  I've got much bigger problems like dealing with VeriSign daily.  Every day we deal with their whacked policies and behavior that effects individuals like yourself.   Again I'm amazed that Spy is looked at like we are.  You don't know my company well, or you would never say the things you do.

I can live with the decisions I had to make.  Because there are a few very loud mouthed posters here (antipathy excluded), I want our voice to be heard.  However those posters do not represent the masses.  To you few, you can portray yourself as righteous but you should know that only the pissed off and angry visit this site.  Our customers are happy and know us to be excellent people that do the right thing by them.

Antipathy, you posed a question of what am I going to do about refunds?  What refunds?  If you were one of my customers going into this you would have had a detailed explanation of what you were getting into.

Now IF you don't understand that statement, I'm going to say something that you won't like, and will obviously be unpopular with this crowd.  You need to grow up. What I mean is, you've been shopping at Kmart and Costco too long.  You don't get money back in everything you buy in life.  More specifically how can you expect to gamble, ...and that is what you did when you pre-registered with your vendor of choice can you expect to gamble and then ask for your money back after you lose?  Please don't be offended but that is what people are doing now.  I could explain this over and over and use many analogies etc... but you gotta see this.  You took a chance, you may or may not have got the domain. 

Did you know one customer of ours put down over $10,000 on his credit card.  And he is not here bitching.  And you know, I bet you any amount of money he felt better about parting with his hard earned cash with us because we were forthright from the get.  That said, I'm sure we have one or two yahoo's that will play their card either way.  Whatever, there is one in every crowd.

Now if your pre-registration vendor said, "we will refund your money for all unsuccessful registrations" then go have a talk with them.  But our customers where not told that, and they are not complaining. 

It is completely unfair to throw us in with the crowd of ill reputes that you have.

It often speculate what kind of person puts as much energy into attacking others as some here do.

I hate having to type this much in response.  I've got a small company and family to feed.  I won't be hanging out here long, so don't get miffed if I'm not around.  You've got my e-mail if you need to contact me.

I really and truly hope that the band of posters here will understand my words and offer some words of appology for friendly fire.  Spy is not the bad guy.  If I've failed to communicate that, then I can do no more.  Otherwise, use as as your registrar.  You won't regret it.




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