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Date/Time: Mon, January 21, 2002 at 1:05 AM GMT
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Subject: clarification upon clarification....


I suspect this will never end.

Our programmers developed a script that cross referenced ownership.  We made attempts to complete forms but where we could not an application could not go through without completing all fields.

Our customers were informed by global announcement to visit a web page to entire accurate data.

Of all registrars getting yoked over this, I know we have done so much more than others yet you want blood from a stone.

Christ, OK, I'm not perfect.  It's a business, and although I'm not a mercenary, I'm not a missionary either.  I think we have performed fairly. 

Granted, default information passed through when it had to.  That means the customer needed to be told, "buyer beware" and they were.

If they are challenged and loose the name, they have no gripe. All works out as YOU desire, so what is to argue about then?  Are we arguing that you had the right idea from the start?  If so, I concede.  Gee gosh, where were you in November of 1999 when we began taking advance requests.  But seriously, I didn't have a crystal ball, and looking back I KNOW our company was not out to hurt anyone.  I can do no more. And I think I'm done debating the topic.

I wish you the best in your quest for the truth. ;)



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