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Date/Time: Mon, January 21, 2002 at 1:47 AM GMT
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Subject: Rach, you crack me up


        I'm so glad to see there are people like you.  I wish I had the free time you do.  You responded to every word I said.  I especially liked how you answered questions just the way you percieve EVERY registrar.

Good for you.

So let me answer your e-mail by theme. Because you pretty much said the same thing over and over.  We are no good cheats. 

You obviously did not read my e-mail.  I mean you read it, but intellectually it sailed right over your head.

Discussing this with you would be like me trying to talk to a bannana.  But hey, I'll get it one shot.

SpyProductions is a registrar.  We told customers how the system worked and that there was risk.  If they wanted to jump in, it was on them.  When customers register in bulk, they are most likely speculators but they are going to spend money with someone.  As a business man, I'd be an idiot if I did not do business with them. They are obviously going to buy from someone! 

You most likely are someone's soccor mom wife or don't own a busines.  In business, you make decisions.  It isn't politics where you can comment on things after they happen (like you do).  Perhaps that is what you are, some local salad head politician.

You scare me.  You are weird.  You are not even my customer.

Haven't you figured it yet?  I provided a service.  See, I spelled it out for you. SERVICE.  Customers said, "yep I want that service."

You on the other hand were not my customer.  My customers are not asking you to be their advocate.  They already know what happened. They were not dumb and happy. 

Tell me this sherlock, where were you before sunrise?  Were you complaining then?  Show me a post Einstien?

You mentioned some guy lost 50k. If he lost 50k and he didn't read the terms of service with his vendor then he got just what he asked for. 

I love this reactionary culture you think we should all be a part of.  I mean you are just plain angry at everyone.  You remind me of a bad wife, one that blames everything on a husband even when he isn't in the same room. 

Suicide?  Sorry, my business is doing well.  We didn't screw anyone, but I'm sure you will go to your deathbed angry swearing we did. 

Your post amazed me.  Never once did you acknowledge the facts.  For instance I posted: "If a customer did not have a valid TM, we supplied default data..."

You posted: "So you admit you consciously provided fake information"

In your own terms, "Hello," Try reading everything together.  And then try understanding it.  We gave customers the opportunity to ammend the data.  Legal counsel for one customer did not have TM data handy.  We entered information that was close but no accurate. Later they found the information and ammended to order.  No harm no foul. 

As for Pat N., we did not cater to him.  Yes we did business with him, he is actually a nice person unlike yourself. 

If you hadn't noticed, I really don't care at this point what you specifically have to say. I'm just taking up some free time tweaking your nose.  I hope you never get a domain name you desire.  But hey, we all don't get what we deserve do we.

I look forward to sending you postcards in the asylum.  You are whacked in my opinion.



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