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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Tue, January 22, 2002 at 5:57 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: .info is stuck in limbo until the sunrise frauds get reallocated


Most of the good generic .info names that you might expect people to type in were taken by cybersquatters.
Cybersquatters are reluctant to develop the domains in case they lose them and they want to keep a low profile, in case people investigate the domains, so they wouldn't want to stick out like a saw thumb being one of the only .info sites out there.

So adding to this the fact that lots of people are still unfamiliar with .info because it is new (and because so many sites are undeveloped) people are not considering going to .info sites much. Also big corporations who got their .infos are unlikely to be in a hurry to develop them while people are visiting their .com names massively more often, but we may see them get developed as more and more .infos are developed, or as a trend - in the future, we may see for example many companies putting investor information in their .info domain and others will then jump on the band wagon.

.info will be stuck in limbo until the fraudulent names are reallocated. I am quite sure when the golden generics get released to the public, many web masters will take great delight in developing generics they never imagined they would own. And at that point, these domains will be unlocked and people and businesses will actually be able to buy and sell them, so the real .info after market will begin - remember that many of the .com domains were purchased off geeks who registered them in the beginning. Sunrise .info names have not had that chance yet as they have been locked. So pretty soon, the names should get allocated by the laws of supply and demand.

I have no doubt it is only a matter of time before we see a quantity of good .info sites despite the large number of names taken by speculators. People seem to forget there are also huge numbers of .com and .net generics which have little more than a holding page or forward to some general directory with no relevance to the domain, and yet we still type in .com and .net names hoping to get a relevanrt site. You only need a few thousand good sites before people start noticing them.

Gradually as .infos appear in more search engine results, people will become more familiar with them, and type ins will pick up.


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