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Username: Moe
Date/Time: Fri, January 25, 2002 at 3:26 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 using Windows NT 4.0
Subject: In the land of the blind, the one-eared man gets the glasses....


      .info ----> slow death
      .biz ----> faster death

Info: Even if the .info "mess" is cleared up, your average user is going to have to be a real "Charlie Brown" to want to keep visiting .info sites (Eg: they type "" and, even after the current squatters been cleared out, they'll probably get a page of cheap adverts for Hawaiian related products & services; in fact, if they type "www.[anylocation].info" they'll probably get much the same shyte. I doubt there'd be any category where www.[common-object/place/concept].info didnt take them to dodgy vested-interest and cheap advertising sites).
Sure, all you click-counters, you'll get your clicks - but your visitors will be in the front door and out the back in seconds... never to return.

.biz: ".what?" Only useful for people who couldn't get a good .com ... but how many people will think "I cant find a good [whatever] at [whatever].com, why not try that all-new, ICANN-endorsed [whatever].biz ... God knows, I've already tried [whatever].cc, [whatever].tv, [whatever].woo, and [whatever].whatever {from new net}"?

Moe ... EOM!

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