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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, January 25, 2002 at 9:59 AM GMT
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Subject: Attention to DuPont, Sunrise and First Amendment


Somebody made statement that DuPont got put in Sunrise by 'accident' - for

I honestly believe this is a LIE, to cover themselves from being accused of fraudulant abuse of the (flawed) system.

My evidence:

A few quotes.

In the first major address expansion since the mid-1980s, many common words are among those claimed as company trademarks – some with shaky claims to validity.

Russ Smith, who operates, wanted, but chemical giant DuPont Co already took it. He looked up about three dozen other names and found all were already claimed as well.

DuPont spokesman Clif Webb acknowledged the company doesn't have a trademark on “science,” but it has one on “The miracles of science.” Webb declined comment on the fairness of early registrations, saying the company is re-evaluating its policies.

Mr Webb did not say, "It was registered in Sunrise by error" - did he?

He tried to defend this abuse of the 'flawed' registration process, saying they had “The miracles of science” trademark.

He declined to comment on the fairness of early registrations - because it certainly is not fair.

As he said "the company is re-evaluating its policies" - it looks like they are guilty as sin - but will leave that up to you, the jury, to decide.

Allow me to comment further on early registrations:

No TLD can be considered OPEN or FAIR, if Big Business are given priority over people.

Big Business abridges what words people can use - it is a violation of the First Amendment.

The authorities, including the United States Department of Commerce, are CORRUPT in letting them do this.

Please - anybody that disagrees with my logically reasoned findings - try to defend this corruption and abuse of peoples rights.


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