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Username: sfeibish
Date/Time: Sat, January 26, 2002 at 10:42 AM GMT
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Subject: corrections


Only trademarks on what's called the
principal register trump the general
public.  Trademarks on the supplemental
register don't.

Dear Senator _____,

NeuStar, in its winning bid for the .us domain,
proposed to protect intellectual property rights
by allowing trademark holders to apply for .us
internet domain names ahead of the general public.

Trademarks are granted for many common words;
for services and products having nothing to do
with the common meaning of the word.

What this means is that Kraft Foods can apply
for and obtain "" as they have
already applied for and obtained "".

Please don't allow these "sunrise" provisions to
stand as is. 

Respectfully yours,
Stephan B. Feibish


1.) As the rules are written, those who merely have
trademark **applications** can obtain .us names
before the general public.
(applications filed before July 27, 2001)

2.) As the rules are written, **stylized word**
trademark holders can obtain .us names

The ways the rules are written trademarks on
stylized words trump the general public.  So
the L.A. Dodgers can obtain based on
the stylized version of the word brooklyn that
used to adorn their uniforms.

3.) As the rules are written, those who have
trademarks claiming **nonexclusivity** can obtain
.us names before the general public.


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