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Username: LegalEagle
Date/Time: Tue, January 29, 2002 at 1:00 AM GMT
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Subject: some thoughts


Without knowing the specifics of these events, my opinion is simply this:

If SpyProductions filled in applications without the clients' approval and/or knowledge then legal recourse may succeed. In other words, if the registrar overstep the client's authorisation for the use of the client's funds, then this may result in a successful action.

Issues to be resolved would include:

* Did the clients intially apply for Sunrise or just Landrush?
* exactly how well informed of SP's actions were the clients?
* were clients misinformed through negligent information acquisition and/or dissemination by SP?
* were clients given the opportunity to 'pull out' if they didn't want to be included in Sunrise?
* was there 'implied consent' - did the registrant give SP authority to 'act on its behalf' to do whatever it took to get the name they applied for?


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