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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Tue, January 29, 2002 at 9:55 AM GMT
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Subject: I guess there are a number of questions which have to be answered


        Does YesNIC have the Korean TMs which its Sunrise .info registrations would indicate that it has - if it is not playing at the popular .info TM fraud game?

If YesNIC can prove to Afilias/WIPO that it holds the TMs - then the question becomes, is the .info Sunrise registration of the swag of names that YesNIC grabbed, a contravention of ICANN and or Afilias Registrar rules on domain registrations?

If there is a breach, then we may as well forget it.  Don't expect sham organisations such as ICANN or Afilias to take action against insiders.  The Internet community are fair game for any scam going, as long as the current exec of ICANN rule.  The current Afilias exec have shown their true colours (Aussie spelling) - no scruples, no ethics, no morals - no hope for Landrushers stuck with credit card debt and nothing to show for it, due to the ICANN/Afilias "after the event" IP protection scam of the .info Sunrise.

If YesNIC doesn't hold the Korean TMs, then forget it too. INSIDERS RULE.  OK.

Apology fellow posters - I have 2 glasses of Aussie rough red inside. I am not giving up.  I want to see the bastards who brought us the Afilias .info Sunrise swinging by the balls and pissflaps with good Aussie barbed wire - and I will keep working to see it happen.

Cheers mates.



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