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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, January 30, 2002 at 12:08 AM GMT
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Subject: Were the DNS regulatory authority about upholding its charter


of being a Public Benefit Corporation, then you expect YesNIC to be in deep shit.

However, as posters here know from ICANN's awarding of the .info Registry to the registrar consortium Afilias Ltd. and Afilias's abysmal management of the .info launch with 10,000 instances of Afilias and its registrars taking money for processing ineligible Sunrise applications - with the resultant losses for Landrushers - which have yet to be or are unlikely to be addressed in an equitable way -  no one should expect that either ICANN or Afilias will exercise the penalty clauses in the Registrar Agreement each has with YesNIC.

It appears that YesNIC participated in the .info Sunrise with false TM registration details for names it was registering on its own behalf - and may have taken preregistrations fees from the Internet community for the names the registrar YesNIC processed for itself.

I believe YesNIC exceeded the number of Registrar registrations permitted by ICANN, but I have memory of an apparent anomaly in the ICANN/Afilias Registry Agreement which permits Afilias registrars to exceed the number of Registrar registrations permitted by ICANN for other extensions.

I suspect that the Internet community, the straight registrars and the ethical members of staff of ICANN would like to see an example made of YesNIC for its abuses in the .info Sunrise, but I suspect that YesNIC operations are strategically very important to Afilias, so little is likely to happen to protect domain buyers from a registrar prepared to rort the system and break rules which supposedly govern its conduct.

I think the fact that YesNIC was prepared to so blatently behave like a pirate is evidence of the current corrupt culture in which registrars operate and that ICANN will have no credibility until the current ICANN execs who must bear responsibility for the Afilias fiasco are removed.     


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