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Username: moler
Date/Time: Fri, February 1, 2002 at 5:24 PM GMT
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Subject: Why I believe the reserved names .biz round robin will be another insider trading scam


      As you know, the round robin system favors registrars who submit the minimum possible number of names. There are only 39,000 names this time, and probably 25% of those names are the best of the best .biz names. Not a single great .biz name has seen the light of day despite the launch of .biz 2 months ago. All the best generics are still available, to be taken.

There is no real incentive for any registrar with rights to the round robin to open this reserved list to the barbaric hoards, is there. Keep the queue short, that is the name of the game this time. The last time was different, since it was infinity registrations and infinity queues that were possible.

Registrars of course, don't have to participate in the round robin under their own name, all they have to do is to acquire these names silently through 'shell' companies or 'shell' individuals. After all, what is 10,000 requests from the public which will only put a spanner into the probability game, vs the after market value by submitting just 3 names for the round robin queue.. eg., and

The round robin works on probability, and the very shortest queues from any one registrar have an incredibly massive advantage. This is gaming the system to its finest.

Which is why you are probably seeing a very low number of registrars who bother with opening a queue for the reserve .biz round robin.

The only way this next round is going to be fair is to :-

1. Allow only registrars who open their queues to the public to participate in the round robin.

2. Allow an audit by an ICANN and Neulevel representative prior to the opening of the queue that no insider manipulations have already been made to secure all the good names prior to public release.

3. Allow only one unique name per registrar.

4. Put all submissions into a pot irregardless of registrar, randomise those, so even short queues from any single registrar don't mean anything anymore to those registrars trying to game the system.

5. Employ an independent government-certified auditor to monitor these proceedings. ICANN sure ain't.

It is almost 110% certain that the impending Neulevel round-robin is by nature gamed and unfair to the general public. Read the Neulevel text on the round-robin carefully and see what I mean.


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