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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Fri, February 1, 2002 at 8:27 PM GMT (Fri, February 1, 2002 at 3:27 PM EST)
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Subject: The .NAME Game...


OK, I went and registered, where I intend on moving my more personal webstuff (leaving as the location of more businesslike things like my tech tips, and using the home page of as the "portal page" to all of my stuff while "" has the more specialized purpose of telling about me as a person).  However, I'm totally frustrated so far in my attempts to get that domain into a state where I can actually use it.

First, the registrar (GoDaddy) screwed up and failed to put the domain into my account so that I could modify its name servers.  It showed up in the .name WHOIS as of the original live date in mid January, and GoDaddy charged my credit card for it a week or so later (after first having to get a new credit card from me because they said the old one was expired, although it was actually good until the end of January), but it wasn't until a couple of days ago (and lots of emails and phone calls to their tech support) that they finally got it so I could modify the domain record.

OK, those are the usual rough edges around the original launch of a new TLD (I had similar troubles with .info and .biz names in their original launches), but now it's finally fixed, so I can use the name, right?

Think again... my attempted name server changes failed to go through and still aren't reflected in the WHOIS over two days after I tried to make them.  When I contacted GoDaddy tech support about it, they told me that changes to .NAME domains can only be submitted by registrars in conjunction with batches of new name requests for the periodic additions of new names, which are done only once every two weeks.  Hence, apparently my changes won't go live for up to two weeks, and if that change is screwed up, I have to wait another two weeks before they try again.

I wonder... is this really the way the .NAME registry works, or is GoDaddy just giving me a snow job?  Unfortunately, the .NAME registry site offers no sign of any contact email address where I could try asking them directly... not that this would be likely to be fruitful anyway, since support problems in the launch phase of new TLDs seem always to wind up in limbo where the registrar claims it's the registry's fault and vice versa.

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