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Username: sgupta
Date/Time: Fri, February 1, 2002 at 9:54 PM GMT
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        The process AFILIAS is now using to validate the trademarks could have been and should have been used during the sunrise period.

At that time, instead of serving everyone from the front window, they opened the backdoor and started handing out registrations to just about any body. So when you are standing nicely in the queue in the front window and you see all the registrations vanish from the back door, you also go to the back door - that is the way business was happening during sunrise period.

Now that the money from all those registrations is in their pockets, they are saying that all those backdoor registrations were illegal and we are going to take them back AND not give your money back. Instead they want to now unload all those domains in to the market and make registration money again. THAT IS CHEATING ! If you want to take back a domain name because the registrant cannot prove the trademark, then give their money back. You should not have taken the money from the registrant if they did not meet the criteria.

I really wonder how US Govt and ICANN is allowing this to happen.


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