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Username: ebiz
Date/Time: Sun, February 3, 2002 at 5:59 PM GMT
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Subject: I'd like to see Neulevel work with its Registrars by...


      Many of the registrars have lost a lot of time and money during .INFO Landrush due to applicants not paying for their domains and the registrars hence being stuck with the domains.  These were the honest & reputable registrars that did not charge a pre-registration fee...

     Now in the similar .BIZ Landrush forthcoming, these registrars have now learned from their mistakes and most will now charge the fees beforehand (many I have talked to have stated this).  I'd like to see Neulevel encourage its registrars to not charge pre-registration fees, and if an applicant fails to pay the registrar in a specified period of time, the registrar may return these domains to Neulevel at no cost lost to them.

     Neulevel for its part, should record the top 5 drawn names for each domain in case of non-payment.  This process would take no public policy updates, merely an email to Neulevel's registrars encouraging them to not charge the entire registration fee upfront.  If Neulevel does not step in, this Landrush will end up costing the applicants an upfront cost of 5-10+ times the $2-5 "lottery" ticket cost of the first round, and leave them stuck with registrar admin. fees much greater than this.

     Landrush II will be for the rich and large corporations unless Neulevel steps in and works with its registrars...


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