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Date/Time: Mon, February 4, 2002 at 4:42 PM GMT
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Subject: While everyoneTALKS.... I shall be taking Action!


        Of all the tld's recently introduced, I think .info is the most logical internet address of them all.
However in my opinion, There was Fraud committed, and conspiracy to commit fraud.

I don't believe in just griping and mulling over something. It is a waste of Time.

With all the Postings I see, and the Fire that rages in some. I know that everyone could make a difference. (I have seen enough in this forum to say ->there is enough power with the people to bring a class action suit against afillias.) But if enough people were to speak-out and force a thorough investigation by the government into affillias and everything that company has done for past five years, that would be enough to satisfy me. This is warranted because I know of one case in particular where affilias did not return the domain to public pool, but resold the domain out the back door (By which I think they broke their agreement to the mass public.)

I could count my losses at a several thousand,   and say oh well another day another dollar.

But if I have to fight it alone I will. Because although I make my living on the web, and could risk chance of being black balled. I am going to speak out against injustice.

Who does afilias think they are to make their sunrise policy to benefit only the multi billion corporations with TRADE MARKS of (NATIONAL IMPORTANCE ONLY). And not giving the poor man that has trade marks through the Secretary of State a mite of a chance! A small business man has got no dignity at all if he supports someone that holds him down with low disregard showing favoritism with the High and Mighty.

I don't care about weather some Big guy gets the First Plate at dinner time!
It is the little guy who should have the first chance (or equal chance). The Rich have Made their MARK in the world, They are set for life in luxury and ease. If they go belly-up oh well.... another (some company with another name) will take their place.

But its that little guy. He hasn't made it yet...  but he has Aspirations and Hope and a Hunger that... that BIG guy lost long ago.
I don't care for those BIG guys who eat before the women and children!

I am all for allowing a big corporation secure their trade name first. But I also think if a man with a small trade mark who has hopes of making it a national trade mark. Should be treated with the same respect. I do not believe in a corporations right to dispute a domain name after they ignorantly missed the opportunity to procure it at the beginning. I have no pity for a corporation with major resources that gets outwitted and beaten by the little man. If they are to stupid to let some small guy get their name before them, they don't deserve it, and it is only the dog eat dog business that they are accustomed to when they have to buy their name for millions of dollars. How in the world could a corporation with thousands of employees fail to be the first to grab their name? I tell you why, they are ignorant bullies that think they can take something from someone else because they have the power. Why stand in line like all the poor saps. Just wait till one of those poor saps gets it by standing patiently in line, then cudgel him on the head and take it away from him. When it comes to buyouts and tipping the market all is fair in the business world... But Buying domain names is another aspect new to the business world that the old farts are not keen on, but all is fair in war and business. And Shame on everyone of you that actually agreed that they should have a right to dispute. The Generation who is developing and molding this new technology ... I say, it is your time and the old farts will have to pay, But you make it easy for the old farts. they don't have to lift a finger, You hurry at their command to polish their image and protect their business interest. I think St. James well said, Why do you give greater reverence to the Rich? Are they not the ones that oppress(tax) you?

On the other hand folks... I do not  try to grab someone's name and sell it to them at an outrageous price. That is dirty business...
I recently recommended and bought a domain that is a name of a very expensive product used world wide for one of my customers,
50 dollars was all I charged. I knew while I was recommending this domain that it was worth 300,000 or more easy!
So while I do believe it is ok to buy and sell domains to make a profit, There is the lowdown dirty way or the legitimate honest way.

I am holding right now Some real good .info names but if I could tell everyone a thing or two.... and I know Some of you have greater influence than me, but I think I could have influence on maybe several hundred thousand people in the next year or so.(I don't spam either...never have).

My message is if afilias is going to cater to the big nationalist corporations and kiss their donkeys. Let these corporations be their only customers. They will eventually have to sell out to some other company, and then we can all buy .info domains with a clear conscience. Otherwise we are supporting a crook!

I like the domain .info.... But anymore the NAME Afilias reminds me of some scoundrel name like Hoffa.



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