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Date/Time: Tue, February 5, 2002 at 9:33 PM GMT
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Subject: I certanly hope none of you give up the fight



I certanly hope none of you give up the fight, this corruption must stop!
At least replace the corrupters with other ones so the originals do no revel in their glory so long.

I read an artical the other day here.
About the most factual thing I have read so far.

ICANN Defraud: The Fraud of the ICANN New TLD Process.
While the abuse and unethical conduct taking place with the rollout of .info and .biz must not be allowed to continue and those responsible need to be held accountable the public must understand that these events are but the growth of the rotten seeds planted by the corrupt weed called ICANN or known by itís scientific reference as (corruptus maximus) These growing weeds stem from the malignant new TLD process where you will find fraud is present.

A smart gardener means you canít just clip a couple weeds because that only solves the problem temporarily. To be a smart gardener you have to attack it at the root.

The only way to attack and avoid these problems is to be a smart gardener and pull ICANN and the elements that influence them i.e. Jones Day, Verisign from the ROOT. If that can be done you will get a big green thumbs up from the world.

Good Luck.


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