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Date/Time: Mon, February 11, 2002 at 12:13 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN approves new names


Note: REUTERS has informed ICANN that the following article is not a REUTERS news story.


      This is taken from Part One of a two-day special titled "The Future of The Internet" - looks like a bright future !

Article from LA Times (IT Pages) 11th Feb 2002
by Marty LaPlage, Reuters
Cistirn, Nevada

The Nevada based Nomad Corp today announced its "all-encompassing domain name sales and marketing system" has been given "in principle" accreditation by ICANN (The Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Donald Bidstrup, Sales VP, stated "Having fulfilled the extensive requirements deemed essential by ICANN - namely, presenting a "concept plan" and providing revenue estimates - we are pleased to be able to announce that we are now on track for the release of a broad range of fantastic new domains."

Sources have confirmed that Nomad is set to play a central role in Richard Ritstih's expanding New Technology empire, having secured substantial backing from Berkshire Hathaway and GE Capital. Mr Ritstih's oft-stated goal of "growing a 700 pounder from nothing in under 5 years" is certainly looking more attainable as he "juices it up in the new millennium".

The first phase will include:

.ltd ; .gmbh ; .mbh ; .ag ; .as ; .sa ; .sarl ; .oy ; .srl ; .bv   Restricted to  businesses (Bidstrup notes that "the CCTLDS of Saudi Arabia and a few islands may have to be phased out" in line with ICANN guidelines)

Nomad claims a start date of "early March" for the business extensions list.

Further extensions, in order of introduction are:

.shop ; .store ; .mart ; .market ; .warehouse        - in May

.fun ; .sport ; .leisure ; .resort ; .lifestyle       - in July

Consensus amongst registrars canvased today indicates that any new entrants in the gTLD space are welcome. As Verisign's media liaison, Ms. Fopir Macs, noted - "the more the merrier!".

Interestingly, representatives of both Afilias and Neulevel offered "no comments".

Tomorrow: "The full list" and "ICANN's Troubling Admission"


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