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Username: S. Hudgens
Date/Time: Tue, February 12, 2002 at 3:23 PM GMT
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Subject: We Need More TLDs


Why would adding more TLDs to the root be "ill-conceived and irresponsible", I ask?  Perhaps you are confusing what happened with .info and .biz as the norm (and what will continue to happen), rather than the screwed up and corrupt scheme that they were (are).

Let us all at least agree that the TLDs aren't the problem.  Its these 'kneepad' friends of the ICANN royalty that are chosen to operate a TLD not because they are qualified or possess sufficient technical prowess, but because they are 'kneepad' friends of the ICANN royalty.

My view is that we need more TLDs, and we need them fast.  And, we need to give these new TLDs to companies who's sum technical skill is a little more than knowing how to set the clock on their 2-head VCR.

You may have a point that these companies need to advertise their product more (By the way, have you read the requirements of their TLD applications?  How much were they SUPPOSED to have already spent on advertising?). However, this simply goes back to Afilias et al.'s total lack of corporate ability.

Don't tell us we don't need more TLDs.  That is a statement that simply excuses the gross mismanagement of .info and .biz.

Shelby Hudgens

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