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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, February 14, 2002 at 12:17 AM GMT
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Subject: .us Sunrise


More fiasco to come.

Shall we guess what will happen?

No - we do not need to.

We know what will happen - much the same as before.

With some pretence at closing a few holes.

Quote: Starting March 4, the registry begins its Sunrise period on proprietary domain names before opening the domain extension to the general public April 9 on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested parties need look no further than the .biz TLD for a better understanding of the process; NeuStar owns NeuLevel, the .biz registry.,,3_974071,00.html

Is the "NeuStar owns NeuLevel, the .biz registry" supposed to give people confidence in the process?

Ha Ha Ha ;-)

They were taking the micky. I think they should have put a winking smiley after it.

Another quote: New .us domain extension owners also have the added benefit of second-level ccTLD names for their domain as NeuStar rolls out nationwide domain extensions (for example, ""), a process that will save trademark owners from buying up to 50 domain extensions to protect their name.

Many companies share the same word(s), in a different type of business (classification). So only one will be allowed to get it.

For example, the World Trade Organization (WTO) shares its initials with six trademarks - in the U.S. alone. Please check at

As this is the main American country TLD (ccTLD) - is it not unfair on the others, that one should be given priority over them?

For example, only one can be !!!

What about the other five???

I thought it unlawful - against unfair competition law.

Perhaps a lawyer would like to address that point.

None have so far - wonder why?

No - I don't wonder why - I know the truth of the matter.

The authorities are corrupt.


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