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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Fri, February 15, 2002 at 10:13 PM GMT
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Subject: Why clarification is needed


I asked for clarification, because I feel there are uncertainties about this case.

My understanding is that Philip Grabensee agreed to have a whole lot of customers applications registered in his name, and that these registrations were not for himself.

This fits in with the fact that many of the Sunrise names are obscure ones which are worth nothing except to genuine customers.

Also, call me gullible, but I can't believe that Mr Grabensee would be so stupid as to register all these names to carry out a Sunrise scam.

What DOES trouble me, however, is that he was willing to be involved at all in registering these names. Surely this involved him in a hopeless conflict of interests, and left him open to embarrassment when some of these names were successfully challenged.

Like it or not, he - an Afilias director - has been involved in fraudulent applications (which also defrauded Landrush customers).

As ICANN refuses to police or enforce its own contracts, the consumer is left defenseless.

I would, at the very least, expect an account and explanation on this forum from Philip Grabensee : IF he is an honorable man.     


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