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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Sat, February 16, 2002 at 2:50 PM GMT
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Subject: The evidence is indisputable


FACT 1: He lost some sunrise challenges
FACT 2: He is an Afilias board director

Fact 1 infers that he had illegitimately registered domains. He had taken advantage of the lack of validation and LIED. This has wider implications like SHORTCHANGING those who paid to prereg the domains.

Maybe he registered the names on behalf of clients. I don't care. If a bank manager withdraws cash for his customers and is found out because those customers do not actually have an account, he is negligent.

Choose your explanation. INCOMPETENT or CORRUPT?

Playing the system: he is on the ICANN committee, an Afilias director and a lawyer SPECIALISING in acquiring domains given the policies of the registry he is director of, which are overseen by the ombudsman he is a committee member of.

Let's not play games. He is of the same stock as those involved in the Enron fiasco. Another case of politicians, smart-ass professionals and business executives giving each other backward handshakes and abusing their power to try and cover it up.

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