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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, February 16, 2002 at 6:51 PM GMT
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Subject: It would be helpful if Mr Grabensee posted an explanation here


... then there'd be some openness and transparency.

The failure of Vint Cerf and others to engage in straightforward dialogue is profoundly disturbing.

It signals "we're too high and mighty to be concerned about your worries".

It also signals that maybe they "hide" because they don't want to explain corruption that has gone on unchecked.

So, Mr Grabensee, why not just explain here what happened?

When it is so SIMPLE to check Trademark details, why did you apply for 8 names with fake details? How could you possibly justify this when you belong to the Registry that is meant to be distributing these names in an even and fair-handed manner?

Equally, it is possible you just got "used" by other people.

But if you don't explain things, what are the cheated consumers (the Landrush pre-registrants) supposed to think?

This forum here has monitored the .info roll-out more closely than any other group anywhere (including Afilias themselves). This forum is the AUTHORITATIVE platform for the exploration of the corruption that took place.

All posts on this forum (since its inception) have been copied and saved for possible future litigation.

You are invited to dialogue in an open and honest manner.

So... ???       


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