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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, February 17, 2002 at 12:57 AM GMT
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Subject: DomainBank, DomainPeople, Secura - single applicant...


I think these 3 are offering a credible system.

They say they only take a single applicant (and popular names come up as unavailable if you try them).

In the case of DomainPeople they seem to put an "authorisation" on your card, and actually charge a 30% fee (refundable if you don't get the name). It's possible DomainBank do too - I haven't checked to see.

Secura seem much more laid back. With my .info requests at Landrush, they didn't charge me anything, and only charged my credit card about 6 weeks AFTER my name had come up in the WHOIS!

With the .biz names, I don't really like this ending, so I've applied for ONE name I have a mild interest in. That's why I'm prepared to risk the "authorisation" freezing up some of my credit facility on my card - because I'm only playing for small sums.

I wouldn't personally apply for large numbers of names, for fear of finding hundreds of dollars "frozen" by authorisations.

Anyway, the three I listed above are the ones I've chosen out of the registrars mentioned so far on this forum.

I got four really good .info names with Secura in the Landrush, and I'm hoping they will prove good again.      


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