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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, February 17, 2002 at 1:07 AM GMT
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Subject: Slow uptake with Landrush 2 .biz names?


I get the impression that apart from the most obvious and popular names, there isn't actually as much demand for these names as I would have expected.

I've been surprised how many good names haven't even been applied for on the DomainPeople list.

The other thing I expect, is that a lot of the most popular names will in effect go to registrars or registrars "masked" under the identity of another person or friend.

There's no regulation in this industry, and no real way of checking up if "Person X" is actually the "cover" for registrars.

Some people say that .biz will grow in popularity. I don't see it myself. I can see a small number of really effective generics or trade names working with .biz ending, because they'd work with virtually ANY ending.

But I don't see .biz having the same attraction as .com (which it has to be compared with) whereas .info at least serves a different purpose if developed intelligently.

The DomainPeople list of names is really helpful - I've been wondering for months WHY Neulevel didn't list all the IP claims etc

Thanks to the person who mentioned this list on this forum!      


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