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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sun, February 17, 2002 at 6:11 PM GMT
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Subject: I disagree.....There will be a definite demand for .biz in time....(not with speculators though)


Dot .biz isn't a good name for speculators because you can't sell them like you would a dot info or dot com for that matter.   That is why you are not seeing a lot of the "good" names gone yet.  However by the time the "First come, first serve" date rolls around you can bet they will be gone (if they are truly "good"). 

My personal opinion on the rules against the reselling of the dot biz name is that it will be good for the domain in the long run.  Integrity of a market, in this case the dot biz name, has value that you can't place a dollar (euro, pound) amount on.  With the dot com name you were always forced to buy the dot org, net version of your name. With dot biz...It's pretty cut and dry what the people will find when they get to your site...My question is will Neulevel be able to inforce their policies...If they do gain in popularity it would become increasingly hard.

As far as why I really think dot biz will do I have said before, I am starting to see a trend in marketing in which the term "biz" is being used to describe "cutting edge" business services.  Trying to describe a dot com, gets a little some are just info only, etc, etc.  At least with .info and .biz your potential clients get the "feel" for what your site is about....

The threshold to which "biz" will become "popular" with business owners (as opposed to speculators) is when the term "biz" is finally seen as an asset...When that will happen...I am not sure.  My guess is when a few high profile companies use a dot biz domain name to launch a new "business" service you will see the tides turning....The "marketing motivator" behind this will be to bring home the fact that your business is "new"....Using "business service" sounds a bit old...however using..."biz services" has a bit of cutting edge quality to it...alas, the company might to launch the service.

I definitely agree with you on the .info domain...They will be key to certain "info" sites...  I got a couple for my business that will definitely help me in saving costs with marketing the sites....As search engines become bloated and more and more info sites become available (via advertising, etc)...we can only stand to gain...

BTW:  If it wasn't for your efforts early in the dot info sunrise I may never have gotten the dot info's I needed...Business owners definitely owe you a debt of gratitude....

Best Wishes,


P.S  Just to show you I put my money where my mouth is I bought a dot biz yesterday as opposed to a dot com.  This is for a local business that I will be running....


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