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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Mon, February 18, 2002 at 12:20 AM GMT
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Subject: I think a lot of us were conned and paid money to registrars


who were cueuing preregistrations bought through them with other registrars.

I know that I bought one-name-once-only preregistrations with company A, only to have it "lost" amongst registrations from companies B, C and D all cueued at registrar E.

Alternatively, I spent money at E, and had my preregistrations "diluted" by the same aggregated cueue practice.

It's the only explanation I have for the fact that I registered 95% of my Landrush names through just 33% of the registrars I used.  The money spent at two out of three registrars - those I suspect amalgamating cueues from different registrars - was a complete waste of time and effort.

If ICANN was about the ethical operation of the DNS - this practice would have been made public so preregistrants could have better assessed the relative merits of different registrars.

When the notional regulatory authority doesn't give a damn about the reasonable expectations of the general public, then many of the registrars will also treat us like shit and take our money for nothing.

The responsibility for the events of the .info and .biz launches rests with the current exec of ICANN and those to whom they supposedly answer.

Until there is a change of personnell - there will be no change to the risks we all take when messin with domains.

Give the .info Landrushers a break - giving them standing in Landrush 2 is the only equitable means to return the disputed Sunrise registrations to the public.

If ICANN permits Afilias to sell preregistrations to the disputed names for a third time, the execs of both institutions condone incompetence and fraudulent practice which took money from the Landrushers then deprived of the chance to compete for the names because that were removed from the lottery.

The Landrushers were fleeced - and this one is still damn cranky about having credit card debt and f*ck all to show for the money spent on Landrush preregistrations over a six month period.



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