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Username: corneliusheise
Date/Time: Tue, February 19, 2002 at 10:49 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: The 8 most worse domain I ever saw Ha, Ha, Ha



Great, Mr. Grabensee will build his own domangrabimperia, or what? The trade mark he used in the registration, is one of the valid trade marks displaid in the trade mark server of the patent office Germany! is equivalent to "", no one ever is interested in this bullshit (and its not even located in Germany). But anyway: What did the registration datas showed before the transfer? Hell, this one is really good! Didn't you knew the worldcompany transtec, they name it always in one line with: IBM, Cisco and General Motors! If you look up the german Patent Office you see not less then 7 (seven) valid trade marks "transtec". May someone show me what trade mark datas where had been used with the Grabensee registration? Right now the thing is in Switzerland.  With transtec you can not make one dollar: It's not a generic term, those 7 trade mark owners would have sued Mr. Grabensee instantly, OK? This one is the big bang. Mr. Grabensee wanted to open a pornsite: WildCat.Info! Revenues in the first year of operations: 10 Billion Dollars;-))  Again here too: 6 (six) valid trade marks "wildcat" inthe german patent office. Wich trade mark was used prior the domaintransfer?! Yeah, Imagine what: Three trade marks in GErmany! Hey stop, here we catched the bastard: He needs a castle to hide his grabs from you, and he will use the ByteBURG ;-))))))) No to be true: The named trade mark of WHOIS is exactly one of the trade marks displaid in the the trade mark server!   Sorry to tell you, but at least ONE trade mark! And guess what: It's the trade mark he named in the registation! We all know exactly why he registred his own name ;-))) But if you have a look in the german patent server, you  find exactly the displaid trade mark number, like in most of the other cases.

OK: With we have the asshole: Now we can nail him down! Ya know what? If you search for a trade mark 39617007 you find: NOTHING! Yippi, Yeah, we have him, this stinking cybersq ......

... oops, hey whats that? If you look up the WORD satan in the german patent server you find the following trade mark: 39617001, 700 ONE, not 700 SEVEN!

Now Mr. Grabensee is really a guilty man: He cannot type ONE, but types instead of that SEVEN! It was never, never heard in history, that people ever mixed up ones and sevens, NEVER! He should go to jail for that ;-)))))))))))

Hey, dear neurotics: Those are the 8 domains wich make Mr. Grabensee guilty?? About all of them are quite OK! He just was the attorney of behalf, like said in the WHOIS!

Oh I know: I hear your hysteric shouts: Why did they got challenged, and why didn't the trade mark owners defended?

Hey: Imagine you had a trade mark "byteburg". You paid Mr. Grabensee to get the domain (and german lawyers are expensive)for you. And after some weeks he calls you and say: "Fellow, give some more hundred dollars, some stinking asshole has challenged you".

Hey: Might it be the possibility, that you would say: Shit! Let it all go, I won't throw out even MORE money!

Might that be possible?

I mean: About all registrations have a valid trade mark. And all those names are so superstupid, to whom you want to sell them? AND: Since all those terms are secured with trade marks in germany, and only the trade mark owners would be the possible buyers: How should this work? If you infringe trade marks in germany you are in hell within 10 seconds, you will don't even get the chance to get heared in front of the court.

No people, these 8 registrations show NOTHING.

Again: I am not the attorney of Mr Grabensee! But why do you try to lynch a man, and don't even look up the facts first?

Do you have more domains that show the real evil in Mr. Lawyer?

Shall I really post this crap?

Naw, Yo, naw, Yo, naw, Yo .... OK I do it.


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