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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, February 20, 2002 at 8:45 PM GMT
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Subject: I agree with your comments and observations Bob.  I have


said before that I think the time is right for .info.  Many people don't know how or where to find the information they want, but in time, old and new users will get smarter and envy those of us who went through the crap of the .info launch and secured very valuable .infos.

I think the .com crash was a South Sea Bubble phenomenon which was a learning experience for busines and the public.  As the internet grows and users become smarter and more comfortable with internet credit card transactions, the earnings of good .infos and .coms will grow and command greater and justifiable sale values.

At the moment the registry is apparently doing no promotion of .info, which may not be a bad thing, given the fact that the .com crash is still so fresh in many peoples' minds. 

Afilias and ICANN have done nothing to win public confidence, so a delayed promotion of .info puts distance between an excellent extension and a crap registry and DNS regulatory authority.

I for one have planned the promotion of the interrelated .infos I have and was influenced in the selection of my .infos by the means of promotion available for them, other than TV and magazine promotion.

My guess is that we are in for an exciting future, with .info gaining increasing currency and value.


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