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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, February 20, 2002 at 9:15 PM GMT
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Subject: .info Landrush 11 - the domain names will be familiar, but


can we expect the same registrar scams as we encountered in Landrush 1?

I would guess that as ICANN has given its approval to all the scams mounted by various Landrush 1 registrars and the registry Afilias's processing 10,000 Sunrise applications which were obviously fraudulent, with no regulation of the DNS and domain business we can expect that a great deal of money will be spent by those hoping to secure the best of the disputed names, but the majority coming away from Landrush 11 with very little to show for the experience other than being poorer and a little wiser.

Looks to me that the domain business has attracted some pretty grubby operators who enjoy a freedom to fleece the internet public while those who could make a differce in the supposed DNS regulatory authority look the other way.

I haven't seen any evidence that the current execs of ICANN plan to make ICANN and the domain business ethical and accountable.

It would seem that until there is a change in personnell at ICANN, there will be no change in the way that registries and registrars behave or change in the way they deal with the internet public who at present are treated like suckers ready to be fleeced.

Thank the gods there are some straight registrars, but the DNS is sick when straight registrars are in the minority rather than the norm.



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