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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Wed, February 20, 2002 at 9:44 PM GMT
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Subject: Interesting article in magazine about the marketing of the dot-info domain (interesting)


I was eating my wheaties this morning and reading my monthly copy of Sales and Marketing Management, only to find a article about what Afilias is doing on the marketing of the dot-info domain.  I shall reserve my comments.  (I think this article does support my theory on the dot biz name potential for success with marketers)
______________________________________________________________________Article from Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, February 2002 issue
The Domain Game
“The dot-info domain will be a hit with e-marketers”
by Kathleen Cholewka

In November, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, the organization that runs the city’s sprawling subway system, traded in its complicated URL: for , and the site got a massive traffic boost—it jumped from 200,000 hits a day to 3.5 million.

But that’s only one way to use the new domain.  Eager to put dot-coms and the associated bad economics in the past, some marketers are coming up with even smarter uses for the new dot-info suffix, using it to track the success of specific ads, or as a wireless portal to their online channel.  For example, when Subaru wanted to promote its new car model, the WRX, it built a dot-info microsite,, to help consumers find out about the product easily (not to mention that the address had been taken by a radio station in 1995).  Subaru’s other microsite, provides detailed information on the drive system that Subaru uses in many of its vehicles.

Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer at Afilias, the consortium of 18 of the world’s leading registrars who own the dot-info name, suggests companies consider spurring mobile commerce by using a dot-info site to attract wireless users to their web content.  “Our studies have shown that Internet users actually prefer dot-info to dot-com” La Plante says.  So far Laplante claims that nearly 70 percent of the world’s most valuable brands have already registered a dot-info domain.

______another article which was directly below the one above________

Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, February 2002 issue
Maximize on a microsite
“Use a mini-web site to track your marketing impact”
written by K.C (Kathleen Cholewka)

For Web-based promotions, instead of making changes to your already complicated corporate dot-com Web site, which can be a headache for you and for the IT department, Afilias recommends that marketers use a dot-info Web address as a microsite, or a Web page created specifically to track a particular promotion.  Just like mail stops on a direct mailer, microsites can enable marketers to see exactly which visitors respond online to specific campaigns and when.  In addition, the sites can be set up to notify marketers when respondents log onto the site.  “Microsites are good to use for tracking purposes”, says Mischelle Davis, director of North American Marketing at New World Commerce, a marketing firm in Bellevue, Washington, which sells a software template for building microsites.  “You can send out a direct mailer with the special URL listed, and then find out how many people went to the page in response to it,” she says. “And once they’ve visited the site, you can track what they do there.



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