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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Thu, February 21, 2002 at 2:26 AM GMT
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Subject: Landrush 11 - the .info fleecing will continue - how many


thousand of us paid good money for Landrush 1 preregistrations, only to have our contracts with Afilias's accredited registrars and their affiliates voided because of Afilias's preparedness to process conspicuously invalid Sunrise applications.

Have ICANN and Afilias demonstrated that they are ethical or accountable by acknowledging the standing of the original Landrushers?  No they haven't!  It's just as though we and our preregistrations never existed - but my credit card accounts say that I was there at the first rush, but that all I got for my trouble was debt for believing ICANN and Afilias could not and would not be involved in an abomination of the type that the .info launch turned out to be.

Yes, I suspect that .info Landrush 11 preregistrations could be more expensive - after all, these are names thought so good that 10,000 times some one was prepared to fake TM details in order to fraudulently register them in the .info Sunrise, a process made so easy through the incompetence or deceit of those who run ICANN and Afilias.

I think the .info extension will grow in influence and value, while those in ICANN and Afilias who oversaw the flim flam antics of too many registrars in the .info launch and the shameful fleecing of the original Landrushers will always be remembered as grubby mongrels who deserve no respect.



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