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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Thu, February 21, 2002 at 4:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Yesnic - so many fake applications


These fuckers have never bothered to explain why they submitted so many fake applications. They treated the public like shite. They've started to lose their names through challenges at WIPO. They will lose many more. But how many will they get away with?

What the fuck are ICANN doing about these excremental profiteers? They still accredit them? Sure they do, because you can lie and cheat and defraud, what do consumers matter?

This Sunrise was fucked up by Registrars who broke the rules that ICANN set out.

And they do fuck all about it.

Why should Yesnic get ANY of their names?

Why should Yesnic be allowed to trade at all?

Why shouldn't they be thrown in a bottomless cesspit or abducted to fucking Pluto where they can fuck eachother for the rest of eternity but why the fuck should they carry on fucking the rest of us?

Are they going to sell pre-registrations in Landrush 2 as well? Are they going to sell you a pre-registration for a name they stole at Sunrise themselves? This is so sweet and delectable only ICANN could manage something like this and allow them to carry on.

Some fucking "success" laPlante! Cheers! Well done!

Idiots! How many names did they end up faking?



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