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Username: micksinclair
Date/Time: Sun, February 24, 2002 at 9:18 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias won't even delete them if you admit it!


I pre-registered over 50 names (many times each) at the Landrush, and when I found out many of these names were going to fake Sunrise applicants, I took one middle of the road name and registered it as a fake, just to see if it really WOULD get through Afilias's scrutiny.

Sure enough, the name just got registered without any checks.

I notified Afilias in August that it was fake, but they told me that I couldn't delete the name but it would probably be challenged in the end.

In early January, after Afilias said they would delete names for people whose Sunrise applications were incorrect, I asked them to delete my name (which I now felt embarrassed by). They said that there had been a brief window to delete names but I had missed it, and they weren't prepared to open up the database again.

In fact, I've noticed hardly ANY names that have been deleted.

Even more crazily, because my name is relatively low-profile, it seems to have slipped through the net. I've received no notice of challenge, and I'm still "stuck" with the name (even though I've told them it's fake!)

I notice that you are allowed to transfer Sunrise names 180 days after August 31st, which is the end of this month.

Anyone want a fake Sunrise name?!!!

And how many hundreds or thousands of other fake names are going to be transferred at the end of this month.

Afilias have taken so long to challenge fakes, and challenged so few, that their own deadline for transfers is going to overtake them.

Thousands of names could be transferred to obscure destinations in the days ahead.

I never really wanted my name at all. I was just pissed off that I'd lost so much money in the Landrush, and I was curious to see how the Sunrise fakes had done it.

I've asked for my fake to be deleted, I've asked again. I've told them it's fake. But STILL they won't challenge me!       


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