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Username: Amar Ochani
Date/Time: Mon, February 25, 2002 at 5:15 PM GMT
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Subject: We want Ombudsman.......


      We need a domain industry watchdog/ombudsman with teeth.  The consumers in domain industry will always be at the mercy of registrars and registries unless there is a body which can pull them up.  So that such a body is not saddled with unmanageble number of complaints, there should be three stages to resolve a grievance/issue.

1. Any complaint against a registrar should be addressed to CEO/President of the company in writing after efforts at lower levels have failed to resolve an issue.

2. If issue is not resolved at the level of CEO/President,  it should be escalated to Registry level.  The registries should have powers (I think they already have such powers) to withdraw the accredition of registrars.

3. If a registry too fails to resolve an issue or a complainant is not satisfied with a decision, he or she can escalate  it to proposed Ombudsman who will have final say in the matter and his/her decision will be binding on all parties concerned.

As the things are registrars and registries can get away with anything because they don't have to face the consequences.  It is high time domain industry is regulated in the interests of consumers.

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