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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, February 26, 2002 at 5:01 AM GMT
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Subject: Marketing of dot info/biz...(my idea revisted)  for Roland LaPlante and the neulevel marketing guru


It's as simple as creating a exclusive search engine (ESE) where people would go to get "information"...This ranks right up there with the biggest "Gee I wish I would have done that" ideas ever...

Try on the link below...and imagine your doing so to look up information about a skiing trip in the swiss alps...When you get to the page and see that big "info" gif...what does this "reinforce"??

My feelings about an ESE have progressed since my last posting....I think a "dot info" search engine would put the TLD on the map quicker than any ad campaign would....You have to think outside the box Roland....People are used to seeing dot whatever in ads...With the dot info search engine you are MAKING people use your product...for god sakes this isn't rocket science....Also you would force people to see how effective your product could be in a "ESE" effect you get them to buy from you instead of Net Sol's dot com....

The same could be said with dot biz....Looking for a business to buy?  or someone to do business with?..Dot Biz SE....Again, you are forcing (figuratively speaking) people to use your product...That's what smart marketing is all about....Using the least amount of energy to attract customers...with big returns (read on)

The advantage these ESE's would have is that people could still submit to the Yahoo's, google to get traffic...that is not an option if you are in an internet business....Eventually however I do think you could persuade the internet population that there is some advantages to going to a ESE....Especially when looking for info....

One last giveaway here....Someone needs to create software where I could submit my dot info or dot biz to one ESE, and have it updated in the other ESE's that are bound to pop up...The creator of the software could charge fees for this effective use of submitting your URLs....Those that don't use this type of software would get put out of business...Which is how capitalism is supposed to work! ...Basically those that don't strive for better customer service, newer products, efficient use of technology will be given the 'ole heave ho onto the virtual dumping grounds... I think we can all think of a few e-businesses that should have bit it along time ago for poor customer service but didn't.  The tides will turn once the coders get organized...believe me...

BTW:  Some gentlemen posted below that he has a dot info/biz SE on the way....Can't wait for this product to come out...Imagine the amount of add-on sales items he could put on his home-page..Once that tide starts turning and people believe they absolutely have to have their New TLD in an's game over....The info ESE would become extremely popular...there is just no second guessing that point...and if someone thinks differently...let's hear it...

Kind Regards and best wishes

Gregory W. Krajewski        


Link: Dot Info Search Engine (example)

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