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Username: DaveKing2
Date/Time: Tue, February 26, 2002 at 11:50 AM GMT
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Subject: translation


I'm sorry, I couldn't resist :) Courtesy of Babel Fish (translator on Alta Vista)



The procedure of Tiscover was disputed with the reservation of
Internet addresses with the ending info..  25% of the addresses
d|rften to be denied.

IINNSBRUCK (ft). the Tiroler tourism provider in the Internet, could
more \ber 4900 Internet addresses (Domainnamen) with the Top level
Domain info. be reserved Tiscover.  The process way with the
Vorreservierung was du_erst disputed.  This was made wdhrend the
so-called Sunrise Period.  According to the Registrierungsbehvrde
Afilias this period was created, in order to prevent mental property
to sch|tzen and Cyber Piraterie.  Therefore only Eigent|mer of entered
registered trade marks and service designations their info.
Domainnamen hdtten to register let d|rfen.  Auffdllig is that under
the addresses stressed by Tiscover itself many on not label-legally
sch|tzbare regions -, Stddte or place names refer.  RESISTANCE.  All
before-reserved addresses did not d|rfte now Tiscover nevertheless
gotten.  " are still at the current point in time a quarter of the
4900 addresses in schwebe.  We do not know yet whether we receive them
", so to Tiscover boss Arno Ebner.  On the one hand w|rden
Vorreservierungen beeinsprucht:  " those are 6% of the addresses. "
Thus according to Ebner Tiscover for example the address of the
municipality pointed info. let reserve.  The fruit juice manufacturer
beinsprucht this.  On the other hand has Afilias, which f|r the
assignment of the Top level Domain info. responsible person consortium
decided, recently a Verfahrensdnderung:  Vorreservierungen in the
Sunrise Period of geographical designations and names are again again
assigned.  " this Verfahrensdnderung concerns Ebner between 20 and 22
per cent, the info. Domains " reserved by Tiscover, schdtzt.  When and
how these w|rden assigned, is not certain.  NO CYBER PIRATERIE ONES?
Although Tiscover do not have a success therefore in 25% the Fdlle
with its tactics d|rfte, Ebner calls the methodology success:  " we
kvnnen probably 75 per cent of the info. addresses the
vsterreichischen tourism before-reserved by us to the Verf|gung place.
"  Each info. address w|rde free of charge to regional and vrtlichen
Tiscover contents passed on.  If a tourism federation wants to have an
address, it can acquire it according to Ebner at a markt|blichen
price.  " one offers you then in the context of the Domain service by
Tiscover.  We make also no cash to it ".  By the mvglichen omission of
1225 addresses the Internetdienstleister no costs entst|nden:  " the
reservation other companies durchgef|hrt f|r us.  Only the addresses
are paid, those we also really gotten ", erkldrt to Ebner.  The
reproach of the Domain Grabbings


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